Dutch Wheelman Cycling Tours

In the summer of 2022 we have 2 trips to Europe. The first one will be a trip to Scotland from Tuesday June 14th till Sunday June 26th. This is a more casual trip with shorter distances. We will fly into Edinburgh from where we will ride north to the Calladan battlefield just outside Inverness. This is where the Jacobites fought their last battle against the English regime. From there we will come back down along the Loch Ness lake and will pick up a lot of Scottish history along the way back to Edinburgh. There will be an extra day of sightseeing in the city.



We also have a trip scheduled to Norway in from Sunday July 31st till Sunday August 14th. This will be a more advanced trip with an average of 60 miles a day for a total of 720 miles for 12 days of cycling. There will be hills on a daily basis with an average of 4300 ft/day. The route will go from Oslo directly west to Stavanger and then follow the coast line all around the south back to Oslo.For more information you can contact us at 570-784-6524 or visit our tour page at http://tours.dutchwheelman.com









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